Introduction To Moors Rights To Travel



Finally, a book based upon facts, references and sources regarding the Moors Right To Travel is available to Moors and all people. This book will give you all of the knowledge and tools you will need to fully understand the Right To Travel and Right To Mobility. According to David Waldstreicher “Literate slaves wrote passes for themselves and others, always subject to severe disciplinary measures if they were discovered.”






Chapter One: Origins As To The Right To Travel

Chapter Two: License Means Permission

Chapter Three: TSA Accepts Other Forms Of Id To Help Verify Your Identity

Chapter Four: Significance Of The Badges, Incidents, Vestiges And Relics Of Slavery

Chapter Five: Legislation Passed Pursuant To Section Two Of The Thirteenth Amendment To Enforce Prohibition Against The Badge, Incident, Vestige And Relic Of Slavery In Depriving The Right To Mobility-Travel

Chapter Six: Shepardization Of Chicago Motor Coach V. Chicago… Excerpt Of The Dissenting Opinion


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