Status Correction Course Book Vol 2


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Finally our Status Correction Course Book Vol 2 is available in book form. With over 100 pages of step by step processes that will guide you through the process of properly correcting your status as a Moor. You will learn all the ins and outs of Moorish Nationality, how to apply it, how obtain it and specifically the Certificates and Paperwork you will need to substantiate  your claims





Chapter 1: Murakush Shahada Certificate

Chapter 2: Murakush Conscientious Objector Status Certificate

Chapter 3: Murakush Watanly [National] Origin Protected Class

Chapter 4: Murakush Certificate of Naturalization

Chapter 5: Murakush Sharia Law Exemption From Vaccination Certificate

Chapter 6: Murakush Gharar-Insurance Exemption Certificate

Chapter 7: Murakush Sharia Law Immunization Exemption Certificate

Chapter 8: Murakush Bay’ah Certificate

Chapter 9: Murakush Conscious Exemption Certificate

Chapter 10: Murakush Birth Certificate

Chapter 11: Murakush Bara’a (Travel Document) Certificate

Chapter 12: Certificate of Murakush Jinsiyah [Nationality]

Chapter 13: Murakush Oath of Renunciation And Allegiance Certificate

Chapter 14: Moorish [Muslim] Status And Relation To The Laws of Nation

Chapter 15: Murakush Certificate of Treaty Rights

Chapter 16: Murakush Riba (Usury) Prohibition Certificate


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