Status Correction Courses and Book Bundle



Status Correction Courses and Book Bundle

Learn Status Correction the right way in our 3-month accelerated introduction series. Murakush Law Firm in partnership with Murakush University is offering this limited time deal for Moors. These five courses and books provide information so Moors can learn how to correctly apply status correction.



Our Intro Series Bundles Includes

3-Month Member Access on Murakush University

5 Detailed Courses

5 Informative Books

Live Chat, Video, Pdf, & More Course Materials

Course Details:

  • Introduction To Moorish History
  • Introduction To Moorish Race
  • Introduction To Moorish Treaties
  • Status Correction I
  • Status Correction II

Book Details :

  • Motion to correct race
  • Motion for recognition of human trafficking
  • Motion for disability recognition
  • Introduction to Moorish Treaties
  • Admiralty memorandum
  • Status Correction I
  • Status Correction II


Completion of Introduction to Moorish History

Completion of Introduction to Moorish Race

Completion of Introduction to Moorish Treaties

Completion of Status Correction I

Completion of Status Correction II

*Students must pass course exams at a satisfactory level to receive certificates.

Important Details:

  • Books will ship to address provided at checkout
  • Course Access is 3-Months Only
  • Virtual and Self-Paced Study
  • No course material will ship except books within 3-5 Business Days
  • Students will receive an email within 24 hours to access course platform


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