Legal Opinions



Legal Opinions is Written By Sultan: El Aemer Al Mujaddid. This book is jammed back with everything Moors need to know about burdens upon their treaty and religious-civil rights. Over 300 Pages of Knowledge & Power.







Chapter 1: Burdens upon Moorish Islamic and Treaty Rights

Chapter 2: Moors & Islam in the America(s)

Chapter 3: Al Sharia on Treaties obligatory upon all Muslims

Chapter 4: Burdens on Moors Islamic Rights to Travel

Chapter 5: Moorish Corporate Identification and attributes

Chapter 6: Ecclesiastical Law on the use of the term Vessel

Chapter 7: Treaty Commitment Obligations of the United States

Chapter 8: Moors are Vassals and Vessels of the Moorish Empire

Chapter 9: Marijuana as a Schedule 1 Drug is unconstitutional

Chapter 10: Unconstitutionality of NJSA 2C:35

Chapter 11: History of the Moors Marijuana and the Marijuana Laws

Chapter 12: Moors Sacramental Use of Cannabis


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